Glamorgan Bird Club Survey


In 2018 Glamorgan Bird Club, with a grant from Welsh Ornithological Society, is running a project to help determine the breeding status and distribution of willow tit in east Glamorgan. Knowledge suggests the species is uncommon and patchily distributed in our area and its recent national population decline makes it a Red List species.

We intend the findings of this study will inform potential habitat management work and nest box provision.

As a GBC member, participating in the survey, you may claim travel expenses at 30p per mile, recording the date and distance travelled for each survey visit.  Claims are to be submitted at the end of the April/May and the June/July recording periods, using the Expenses Claim Form provided.

Please seek advance approval if intending to make more than 10 visits to any site. The GBC Health & Safety Policy and Code of Conduct for Volunteers, as provided, also apply.