First records submitted

The first news of birds form the Project’s fieldwork have started to arrive.

A singing male has been seen in the Cynon Valley, and a pair in suitable habitat at Nelson Wern.  A bird is still present at the regular feeding site at Garw Nant.



Willing for Willow Tits

A new GBC project

In 2018 Glamorgan Bird Club, with a grant from Welsh Ornithological Society, is running a project to help determine the breeding status and distribution of willow tit in east Glamorgan.  Knowledge suggests the species is uncommon and patchily distributed in our area and its recent national population decline makes it a Red List species.

Glamorgan Bird Club / Welsh Ornithological Society

We intend the findings of this study will inform potential habitat management work and nest box provision. Information on willow tits from the latest BTO Atlas work can be found online.

Getting involved as a survey volunteer

Fieldwork runs from April to December 2018, prioritizing sites with willow tit records in the last 10 years (please refer to map), although records from other areas are welcome. For core sites we are looking for a minimum of 2 visits during the breeding season (at least 1 in each of the periods April to May and June to July), plus at least 2 visits in the post-breeding season, to the end of the year.

More details are found in the Taking Part pages.